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A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Cabinet Painting Process

cabinet painting guide

We find that Calgary homeowners tend to be surprised at what a difference cabinet painting can make. When professionally executed, painted cabinets will look completely new, and even make your kitchen look redone.

However, before signing up to get your existing cabinets renovated, we wanted to take the opportunity to walk you through the process, without getting too technical. You can appreciate the amount of work that goes into the procedure, which is why your cabinets come out looking brand new and totally different.

How it All Works

Hiring a quality painter means you also have the option for cabinet painting, and here is how that works:


  • All doors removed and labeled for an organized reinstall.
  • Doors moved to spray booth for prep and spray.
  • Inspect and repair any dents or damaged areas.
  • All surfaced sanded to ensure a smooth surface and quality adhesion.
  • All surfaces wiped down to remove dust and debris prior to painting.
  • Glass removed from doors and all silicone removed.


  • Mask off all walls and non-painted areas.
  • Apply large sheets of poly over all granite and tile to protect from spray.
  • Lay drop cloths on all floors within the contained area.
  • Hang plastic sheeting in all openings to minimize dust transfer to other rooms.
  • Cover furniture in all rooms adjacent to the spray area.


  • Where possible, items will be removed so that spray work will take place off-site in an environment controlled spray booth.
  • Once thoroughly sanded and patched, 2 coats of quality adhesion primer will be applied to all surfaces.
  • Multiple coats of lacquer will be applied to all surfaces.

A quality process leads to quality results. These are the steps we take, here at Distinctively Paint, to ensure that your cabinetry gets the polished and modernized look you want.

Contact us now to get the best painting company workmanship, paired with superior customer service.

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