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What Do I Need to Do to Get Ready to Have My Cabinets Painted in My Calgary Home?

What Do I Need to Do to Get Ready to Have My Cabinets Painted in My Calgary Home?

Luckily, very little is required to have your kitchen or bath cabinets ready for painting.

On day 1, we will remove the doors and drawers. We'll just need the use of your sink and a little counter space to wash the doors as we take them down.

When we come back to prep for spray, (approximately 7-10 days later) it’s helpful if excess counter clutter is removed. It’s also important to turn off any pilot lights in the room where we are working. We will need to move some items to access hinges and hardware but there is no need to completely empty your cabinets. We will use poly plastic and masking paper to block off openings to adjoining rooms as much as possible.

We are happy to move your fridge and stove with great care, to allow access to side panels but please be aware that this is offered as a courtesy and there is no warranty against potential damage.

Also, please be aware that for insurance reasons, we cannot disconnect or reconnect hard wired electrical or plumbing.

Built in ovens are masked around the edge where it meets the cabinet. Some clients opt to detach the stove from the cabinet and slide it out an inch to allow us better access to the cabinet behind the oven trim.

If we are spraying lacquer, you will need to make arrangements to be out of your home for 24 to 48 hours as it is a smelly product. This includes your furbabies. You will still be able to access your cabinets up until the day before we spray when we mask off the openings to protect the contents. In total, your kitchen will be unusable for a maximum of 2 to 3 days. In most cases, 2 days is plenty.

Once we are finished, we do vacuum and dust throughout the work space. However, the fine dust that results from the spray lacquer can creep where ever there is air movement. Be prepared that dust spreads and will continue to settle in the surrounding rooms in the coming days. It is not harmful or sticky, but you will probably want to thoroughly dust again after we have gone.

You will have a brand-new looking kitchen is less time, with less disruption and much less expense than a brand-new custom kitchen.

If you are looking for a professional Calgary painting company, please call 403-971-4434, or complete our online consultation form.

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